Relief Foundation

About Us

Relief Foundation International (RFi) is a non for profit charitable organization which was established in 2008 in Karachi, Pakistan.  The main aim of the organization is to help people suffering from a short supply of food, clothing, health facilities and especially basic education.  RFi has the policy to serve all kinds of communities without any discrimination. Gradually, RFi spread its charitable activities in many areas of Pakistan and some foreign countries by the grace of Allah Almighty.

The objective of RFi is to get more effective results from our reputable donors’ money, and for this, we manage the resources through latest technology. We try our best to reach “real” needy families, and strictly oppose the street beggars. To ensure this, RFi inspects all applicants’ data and then decide whether someone is really eligible for the donation or not.

There are 60+ departments in which we are serving more or less. You can see the complete list of these departments here.

What we do

We help to provide drinking water, food, clothes and education to underprivileged by using our donors’ funds. We also try to create employment to raise their financial condition.

Our Vision

We believe that the prosperity is the right of humanity, and all basic needs should be fulfilled by every human being without any discrimination.

Our Mission

Our mission is to locate people in the communities that are suffering from lack of resources and to provide them all basic necessities to improve their life standard.