More than 70% Pakistanis drink contaminated that consists of deadly bacteria and viruses. While there are many rural areas where inhabitants have no facility of drinking water. So, they bring water from distant well, handpump or boring. Such areas are located in all the provinces and are very famous in the press. Due to their extreme poverty, they can’t even afford to buy water and food, how can they manage to make a well. So, we at Relief Foundation International (RFi) convince our donors and then manage our financial resources to dig wells, handpump and drillings in said areas. Not only this, but we also have a supervision procedure to maintain these wells regularly, because if these wells are not observed properly, these wells will be diminished.
Relief Foundation International (RFi) has a nationwide network of volunteers and supporters who informs us about the real needs in any area and then our inspects and approves budget for water and food resources.
For details about “Water and Food program”, please contact us on +923312607232.